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Financial Advice

TBO Corporate Benefit Consultants Ltd is a research based practice specialising in all aspects of financial planning solutions for companies and individuals. We are at the cutting edge of personal and corporate tax planning.

The practice has brought together leading experts in the field of investment, tax planning, and trusts whose previous experience with major international companies is second to none.

The lean management and equity based structure allows this advice to be brought to clients at a fraction of the fees these same individuals charged when employed by major city houses and institutions.

TBO Corporate Benefit Consultants Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority and the Institute for Economic Affairs. All advisers are qualified in either financial planning, actuarial, legal or tax accountancy disciplines. Synergy between TBO associated companies provides advice on:

1 Retirement Planning
2 On/Offshore portfolio investment.
3 Corporate/Capital Gains/Income and Inheritance Tax liabilities.
4 Trusteeship and trust advice.
5 Corporate and Individual Protection.
6 Employee Benefits

TBO companies provide the expertise normally reserved for major corporations to smaller companies and individuals.

Scott Robinson
Managing Director

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