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The latest internet communications technology is now available.Using video email,a full video streaming technology, you can:

  • Send video emails to family and friends across the globe.click here 
  • Market your business using the customisation facilities available with this technology.Create your own video library of promotions and track their success through the back office facility. click here
  • Why not become a distributor and build a residual income with little capital investment.For as little as 200 plus 30 per month you could join this revolution at the very beginning and see an exponential growth over the coming months and years. click here
  • Try a test video e-mail before you buy and send to a friend or colleague and amaze them with this new technology. click here

Why not see the video conferencing in action by joining one of the web meetings that take place on:

  • Monday through Friday at 11am and 8pm
  • Saturday at 11am

Simply log on here then : and see the wonder of this technology

  • click on agree
  • click on guests
  • enter meeting name which is morning for 11am and evening for 8pm
  • enter password which is mvt
  • enter your name

Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to join a company that aims to be the number one video streaming service provider in the world and have fun whilst developing an income for yourself.When people see this technology it will sell itself.

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