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Our client operates an accounting and business advisory franchise.  Their market is the 1.5 million (or so) businesses and companies in the UK whose turnover is less than 1m.  They have developed a complete set of systems, software and methods of operating an accounting practice to deliver high quality services to the small business market.  They are now looking for people who want to build their own business in the accounting/business advisory industry.


Preferably you need to be over forty because our market consists of people in the age bracket 40 to 75.  They value maturity and experience.


You do not have to be an accountant but it is important that you have a reasonable understanding of business issues, business experience and some accounting knowledge.


We expect (as a minimum) that the smallest practice will be a small, work from home business having 50 clients and be making a gross income of 35,000.  Above this, the level of income depends on the aspirations of the owner. The typical accounting practice has an income of 100,000 to 200,000.

Repeat  Income

A key point about the accounting business is that, once a  client base has been established, the repeat income simply comes back year after year.


They provide comprehensive training covering accounts preparation using our own software, taxation, selling your services and business advisory work.  We will then work with individual franchisees to build up their business using our selling and operating methods.


If you have a reasonable business background, they expect to complete sufficient training to enable you to start trading within two or three weeks of start up.  The first fee income should be achieved within 4 - 5 weeks of start up and build steadily to around 3,000 per month after one year.  Typically, second year income should be between 60,000 and 100,000 depending on the aspiration of the franchisee.


The franchise fee is 10,000 payable as 5,000 initially and 5,000 spread over the first year.  In addition an investment in telesales of between 3,000 and 5,000 is required.  Apart from this, you need a home office, a telephone, a computer and a car.


The only thing they cannot supply is the motivation to build a successful business  -  that comes from you.

For more information please contact Patrick McCartney on 08707653821 or email patrick.mccartney@executives-recycled.co.uk


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